St. Brigid Gaels Weekly Update - September 24, 2014

You may be wondering why I am calling our weekly update the Gaels, well when I went to school here we were known as The St. Brigid Gaels.  We are so blessed to have over fifty years of history and I truly believe that our pride and traditions are what make us an outstanding Catholic School.

I am looking forward to hearing the old cheer “we are the Gaels, the mighty, mighty Gaels, everywhere we go people want to know, who we are, so we tell them……    

I have had many phone calls and emails in regards to things that happen in the classroom, special classes and at recess.  Many parents wonder what the protocol is when dealing with a concern or issue.  I tell parents that there needs to be open communication between them and their child’s teacher.  Please contact the teacher before coming to me.  The teachers can address the concern or issue directly.  If you still have concerns then certainly let me know.  It is much better to speak with the teacher and get the “whole” picture.  

If you have an idea or would like to get involved please attend our monthly meetings.  The next Home/School Meeting is on Tuesday, October 7th @ 5:30.  If you signed up for an event, please consider taking the lead in organizing the event.

It is that time of year; please make sure you remind your child(ren) to cover their mouths and noses when sneezing and coughing.  The children should remember to wash their hands as much as possible.  

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A few reminders:  

  • Friday, September 26th: Dress Down Day for Alzheimer’s Association Walk.   $1.00 Minimum Donation please.
  • Everyone should be using the back door in the morning and the afternoon.  No one should use the front door at dismissal time!
  • At Dismissal, please come into the gym and join us for announcements and prayer.  We ask all parents to sit on the bleachers.  Please do not stand at the doors.   After prayer, please go over to your child’s teacher and greet them.  Then your child can be dismissed.  We want to make sure we know who is taking the children at dismissal time.  If your child is going home with someone other than you, please make sure you have sent in a note in the morning to notify their teacher.  
  • The children must be in their classroom by 8:00am or they will be marked tardy. Mr. Martin is at the back door until 7:55.  If he is not there, you must use the front door.  Parents need to accompany your child into the building.  They must be signed in at the office if they are late.   It is imperative that the children are in school on time.  Tardiness not only disrupts the rest of the class but they miss out on instructional time. 
  • Uniform questions?  Please review the Parent/Student Handbook.  The gym sneakers should be white or black.  They may have white or black trim.  They should not be any other color. 
  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, we dismiss at 2:20.

Wednesday, we dismiss at 1:20.  Please remember if you have not registered    through the YMCA (www.westhartford for Aftercare you must be here on time at dismissal.  There is nowhere for your child to go and we cannot be responsible after school gets out.  Per other Catholic Schools, there will be a late charge.  Any family who has not picked up their child (ren) by dismissal time will be assessed $35 (per child) for the first quarter-hour, and $10 for each additional quarter-hour, or part thereof.  The YMCA will work with you to make accommodations for your schedule.

  • If your child is staying after school for extra help, sports, drama, band, etc.  Please make sure you arrive on time to pick up your child(ren).  They cannot stay in the building unattended and it is not fair to the teacher or coach to have to wait for your child to be picked up.   It really is a safety concern!
  • Fall Sports:  If your child is interested in Cross Country or Soccer, please make sure you have filled out the Emergency Form and paid the $50.00.
  • Fall Sports are starting; I would encourage you to contact the YMCA to make arrangements if it is easier for your child to stay in Aftercare.  That being said, you must make arrangements with the YMCA beforehand.  No child can go to Aftercare unless they are registered through the YMCA program.  No child can stay in the building unattended.

Thank you for your cooperation!

May the Peace of Christ be with you!
Shevon S. Hickey ’75  

Pray where you are. God is everywhere!

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