Summer Letter to Parents: August 7, 2014

Dear Parents,
I cannot believe that it is August and we are thinking about the beginning of school. We have been very busy getting ready for everyone to return. I miss the children’s voices and especially their laughter filling our hallways.

We are very excited about our collaboration with the YMCA. The Summer Camp was a huge success. Our goal for the first Summer Camp was eighty campers and we exceeded that number. This is a testimony that the West Hartford YMCA programs are outstanding. I am just as excited about the YMCA running our Aftercare Program.  This will provide our students with many great experiences afterschool along with Homework Help.  You may sign up online through our website (use the main navigation bar called After Care Program, this will link you directly to the packet) or the West Hartford YMCA website at Please remember that you MUST register before your child in order to attend. That being said, you must be on time to pick up your child at the end of the day.  They will not be permitted to go to Aftercare. They cannot stay in the office so please make sure that you arrive no later than 2:20/1:20 on Wednesdays.

The first three days of school will be 11:45am dismissals. If you have registered your child with the YMCA, they may attend Aftercare. Please provide lunch for them. As a reminder, please drop your child off between 7:30am and 7:50am at the back door. On Wednesday, August 27th, the first day of school, we will begin our morning with an assembly in the gymnasium at 7:50am. This is an opportunity to come together as a school family. Parents you are welcome to join us for refreshments and get to share some time together after the children go to their classrooms.

On all other days, the children will go to their classrooms from the cafeteria at 7:50am. Please remember that if the children are not in their classroom, unpacked and settled by 8:00am, they will be marked tardy. It is so important that all of our children arrive on time to begin their day.  Please remember, if your child is late for school you must bring them in and sign them in at the office. They will not be permitted to go to class unless they are signed in by a parent/guardian.

Our morning prayers will be done over the intercom.  We will meet in the gym for Prayer and dismissal (2:20pm/1:20 on Wednesday) at the end of each day.

With this letter, you will find several very important forms to fill out and return on the first day of school.  Please see the check list that I have included for you to make this process easier.

In order to help us try to save time and money, we must have your email address. This will allow us to send you e-mails and updates more easily.  We will not share your address with anyone.

At this time, there is no change to the lunch program.  We will not be offering hot lunch. I am still investigating other ways to provide lunch for our students.  Any ideas?

On Thursday, September 4th, we will have our Parent Teacher Open House 6:30- 8:00pm. This will give you an opportunity to meet your child’s teachers.  This is a very important evening for all of our parents to attend! The teachers will be providing all the information that you will need to understand their classroom expectations.

On Friday, September 5 th, we will be having our Welcome Back Picnic 5:30-7:00pm. Everyone should bring their own Picnic Dinner. This is a fun evening and great way to reconnect with old SBS friends and make some new ones.

I hope and pray that the rest of your summer is enjoyable and relaxing. I look forward to seeing all of you on the First Day of School, Wednesday, August 27th.

May the Peace of Christ be with you!
Shevon S. Hickey ‘75

“I really like the expression of an American author who says that God gave us two eyes, one made of flesh and the other of glass. With the eye of flesh we see what we look like, with the glass eye we see what we dream. What if we teach our children to see life with these eyes?”
 - Pope Francis

Parent Checklist for the First day of School

Need by Wednesday, August 27th:

  • Emergency Forms
  • Medical Forms
  • Media Release Forms
  • YMCA Aftercare Forms: Must have them to attend After Care!
  • Current Email Address


Need by Friday, August 29th:

  • Read Handbook & Sign off sheet
  • Technology & Social Media sign off sheet
  • $6.00 for the Planner for Grades 1-8th

CT Federation of Catholic School Parents:


CT Federation of Catholic School Parents Website Update:

We are pleased to announce that the CT Federation website is officially LIVE. Please share this link with your school communities, as a resource.

Social Media Update: We are additionally pleased to announce that your school communities can now follow the Federation's activities on Twitter @CTFCSP.