August 29, 2014 - First week of School

Dear Parent(s) & Guardian(s),

Well, we had a great first few days of school.  It was wonderful to have coffee and get a chance to talk in the library on the first day of school with so many of our parents and grandparents.  Thank you to all of you who signed up to help with our Home/School Association.  You will all get a chance to sign up at the Welcome Back Picnic!  The Home & School Association is like a PTO, it provides the families with events to attend and a very important component is the fundraising.  As you know, your tuition does not even come close to what it costs us to educate your child.  Fundraising is a very important part of Catholic Schools and we need all of you to volunteer.  When my son attended St. Brigid, my husband and I were very active members of the Home & School Association.  We met some of our best friends by volunteering at events. 

I want to clarify something that was brought to my attention.  In the morning, the children will be coming up from the café at 7:50.  They will go directly to the classroom.  The second bell will ring at 8:00am.  At that time, we will do prayer.  If your child is not in their classroom before 8:00am, they will wait in the office until after prayer and get a late slip.  Please do not drop off students at the front entrance.  Please drive slowly and carefully at drop off and pick up.  You must follow the traffic pattern around the building.  Please go straight around the building and do not go out the same way you entered.  

The YMCA Aftercare Program will begin on Tuesday, September 3rd.  You must be registered through the YMCA ( If your child is not registered, they cannot go down to Aftercare.  You must pick up your child on time @ 2:20 (M, T, TH & F) / 1:20 (W).  If you are late, your child will have nowhere to go and we cannot be responsible after school gets out.

For security reasons, when you ring the buzzer at the front door, look at the camera, and please state your name and reason for your visit.  PLEASE do not hold the door for anyone.  EVERYONE must be buzzed into the building.  I understand we like to be polite but this is a very important safety rule.  Thank you for your cooperation. 

Once again here are some important dates to be aware of in the next few weeks.

  • Thursday, September 4th is our Open House for parents to meet the teachers and hear about their expectations for your child.  This is a very important evening and we encourage all parents to attend. 
  • Our Welcome Back Picnic is in the evening on Friday, September 5th from 5:30-7pm.  Bring a picnic dinner and enjoy spending time together.  We are asking families to bring a recess toy for our recess garage; i.e. jump ropes, chalk, balls and anything the kids can play with at recess.  We could also use pumps to fill the balls with air.
  • Monday, September 8th at 10:00am we will be having our Opening Mass in the gym.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend. 

Have a relaxing long weekend!  Thank you for a great start to a wonderful school year!

Shevon S. Hickey ‘75


Parent Checklist for the First day of School

Need by Wednesday, August 27th:

  • Emergency Forms
  • Medical Forms
  • Media Release Forms
  • YMCA Aftercare Forms: Must have them to attend After Care!
  • Current Email Address


Need by Friday, August 29th:

  • Read Handbook & Sign off sheet
  • Technology & Social Media sign off sheet
  • $6.00 for the Planner for Grades 1-8th

CT Federation of Catholic School Parents:


CT Federation of Catholic School Parents Website Update:

We are pleased to announce that the CT Federation website is officially LIVE. Please share this link with your school communities, as a resource.

Social Media Update: We are additionally pleased to announce that your school communities can now follow the Federation's activities on Twitter @CTFCSP.